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CodeDrive – Pure Coding Essentials

CodeDrive is an intelligent ActionScript 3 IDE for Microsoft Visual Studio which helps you 
create pure code. CodeDrive features beautifully engineered code completion,
refactoring, on-the-fly code analysis and powerful debugger, all to increase
your coding productivity.

We just have released CodeDrive 1.5 with a bunch of amazing new features:

  1. Adobe Flex support
    1. Create new projects using the Visual Studio wizard
    2. Run and Debug Flex applications with CodeDrive in Microsoft Visual Studio
    3. Build process and error tracking is fully integrated in Visual Studio environment
    4. All CodeDrive IDE features are enabled for Flex application development
    5. Simultaneous debugging of Flex and .NET applications
  2. Code Generation
    1. Implement interface
    2. Generate event handler
    3. Generate type constructor
    4. Resolve import
  3. Refactoring
    1. Rename
    2. Organize imports

CodeDrive 1.5 increases coding comfort with a new CodeDrive Outline navigation,
highlighting identifiers under cursor, support of triple click, detecting
and fixing mixes of Tabs/Spaces.

We believe you will enjoy the new version, powerful and comfortable at the same time.

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