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Looking for ActionScript 3 geeks for CodeDrive review

CodeDrive is a new Flash IDE with its own implementation of an ActionScript 3 compiler that works 2-3 times faster than Adobe Flex/Flash. CodeDrive coding facilities are optimized to provide coding comfort, to help avoid mistakes and to boost productivity.

We believe that such a performance-oriented IDE is of a great demand among Flash programmers.   We want to know how you’re doing!

At the beta stage, we need as much real user feedback as possible. We appreciate positive comments as well as negative ones. It is very important for us to know what features are the most valuable for you and what aspects of CodeDrive we should concentrate our efforts on improving.

We are looking for ActionScript 3 gurus for competent, independent and in-depth reviews of CodeDrive.

Feel free to share your CodeDrive experiences and help us to make the CodeDrive IDE work better for you. We want to know your opinion about your coding productivity with CodeDrive, compiler quality and performance and how useful it could be for your regular ActionScript 3 programming activities.

We welcome everyone to share thoughts and contribute to further CodeDrive improvement. The most competent reviews will be published on the CodeDrive Blog and we will provide the reviewer with a CodeDrive 1.0 Business License.

If you are ready to participate in reviewing CodeDrive, please drop me a message at I will appreciate if you include your full name, blog, Twitter or Facebook.

New to CodeDrive? Test-drive the beta version now and let us know what you think!

Looking forward to hearing from you.


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